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Dette domæne blev tidligere brugt til et spædende projekt omkring bio detection af bl.a. landminer. Firmaet er dog siden gået i opløsning. Da enkelte sender emails til mig herom, kan jeg slå fast, at jeg ikke har med firmaet at gøre. Projektet var dog spændende, så jeg kan da lige hjælpe dig videre!

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Beskrivelse fra tidligere hjemmeside:

Aresa Biodetection

Aresa Biodetection is a biotech company founded in June 2001, based on several years of creative and innovative research at the Department of Plant Molecular Biology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The business areas of Aresa rely on a unique technology platform in terms of a biodetection system able to identify the presence of specific components in the soil. The technology being developed is based on genetically modified plants that are able to change colour from green to red when growing nearby specific compounds. Hence, detection of various compounds in the environment is possible without using sophisticated detection methods and devices.

The biodetection system may be applied for various purposes where outer stimuli initiate a genetic response within the engineered plants. Although the technology platform has many applications to be pursued, Aresa focuses on two main applications:

– Detection of explosives (such as landmines and unexploded ordnance) in the soil
– Detection of heavy metals in the soil, and possibly removal of heavy metals by remediation of the soil

Aresa will focus on the development of cutting edge technologies, which initially are introduced to the market via collaborative partnerships and/or strategic alliances. Furthermore, Aresa will enter licensing agreements to allow partners to use the technology platform for specific purposes.